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Lorain County Deserves Better!

Your voice belongs in county government. In 2016, our current
commissioners disrespected the vote of the people and they haven’t taken
responsibility for their reckless spending. That led to them imposing
a tax increase to cover their mistakes. When you vote Hung for County
Commissioner, your voice will be heard and respected.

Your VOTE, your VOICE, is my commitment to the people of Lorain County!


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In The News for Lorain County

From Cleveland.com

Hung, Moore win primaries for November’s Lorain County commissioner races

Hung said she believes her win represents hope.
“For the first time this century, the voters have a real chance to have two qualified commissioners — Dave Moore and myself — serving on the board at the same time. This will end the threat of imposed taxes, misuse of county tax dollars and secret meetings behind closed, locked doors,” she said.
“With a decrease in county revenue from the COVID-19 crisis, we can’t afford to have the current commissioners imposing another tax increase on the people.”
– Linda Gandee, Cleveland.com

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As Seen in The Chronicle

Two Republicans file to run for county commission seats

Hung, who said she got into politics because of Trump, said she has enjoyed her time on North Ridgeville City Council since 2017, enjoyed learning the job under former Mayor David Gillock and campaigned for current Mayor Kevin Corcoran.
“I found my niche. I enjoy contributing in North Ridgeville and if I can contribute on the county level, I’d love to serve,” she said. “You have to be able to work with others and play nice in the sandbox.” – Dave O’Brien, The Chronicle

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As Seen in West Life

North Ridgeville’s Gillock, Hung seek Lorain County commissioner seats

“I have a strong work ethic,” Hung added. “I like to be involved and make sure that we are making wise decisions for the residents of our county. Whether it be on the budget level or the personnel level, the people will find with me (that) I am an advocate for open lines of communication and holding all meetings that are open for the public to hear the discussion and are scheduled for times the public can attend.”
– Mike Sakal, West Life

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Mark your calendar, Election Day is November 3rd!

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Michelle Hung For Lorain County

Our time is now in 2020

I am fired up and ready to represent you with honesty and integrity. You expect representation that manages your tax dollars wisely and doesn’t come to you with their hand out every time they can’t balance the budget. I am the only candidate that represents fiscal responsibility, hard work, budget & department reviews, listening to you and scheduling meetings at times the public can attend. Government shouldn’t be expanding; it should be shrinking. I can bring the energy, drive & hard work that can win for you in November.

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